People can no longer reproduce naturally by 2050

Carl dzherassi (Stanford University) believes that people in the very near future will refuse to have sex in order to reproduce. Europeans will go for IVF by 2050.

Innovations in ECO will allow you to completely switch on in vitro fertilization. The method will allow to raise children in any convenient for parents age, and genetics will be able to adjust the majority of congenital anomalies at the DNA level.

By 2050 will step forward technologies associated with freezing and storage of eggs and sperm. Their retention will be measured in tens of years. The woman will be able to give 20 years of my egg storage and use it to forty, attaining career heights and a sufficient level of education.

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This approach to reproduction must turn the society and to revise views on sex. Scientists believe that after 40-50 years of sex in Europe will be solely method of obtaining pleasure.

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