People can control their dreams

People can control their dreams, present the findings of his study of American neuroscientists Institute of technology, Massachusetts. However, the experiments were conducted on rats, but the researchers, led by Matt Wilson, believe in the future, a similar technique can be applied to people.

The researchers analyzed the peculiarities of the mechanism of memory in the brain of laboratory rodents. First, the researchers trained rats to find food in a maze, focusing on the 2 beeps. The first signal was told that the food is right, the second was given to understand that you need to turn left, describes the course of an experiment ITAR-TASS, citing scientific American online publication "Live science".

All experiments were recorded neural activity in the brain of rats. Recording was conducted in the intervals between experiments in sleep. Comparing records, scientists have concluded that the experimental dreamed them navigate through the maze for the last day. If the researchers gave the sleeping rats audio signals during sleep rodents "remembered" corresponding zones of the maze. Thus, it was proved that if you act on the mechanisms of memory, you can change the content of the dreams. The next step in the research will answer the question whether it is possible to affect sleep more, for example, to block the dreams or convert them.

American neuroscientists believe that in the future the results of the research will help develop new methods of training and behavioral therapy.

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