People can always understand when their partner is really happy sexual life

It is believed that women can learn to feign pleasure from sexual contact. As it turned out, even the most subtle lie that may be disclosed. Scientists from the University of Waterloo conducted a survey, the results of which specialists have found that deception is always floats to the surface, regardless of the degree of activity of communication and sex partner, writes The Daily Mail.

"Satisfaction of sexual life partner can be understood regardless of the inclusion of a person in a relationship" says Erin Fallis. Even the absence of a great sexual experience allows you to see through the imitation of fun.

Data were identified during the survey of volunteers. The pair talked about the level of involvement in the relationship, the degree of satisfaction from them, about their sexual lives. It turned out that people learn to recognize the emotions of your partner in a very short time. This allows you to form a strong and happy family.

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