People believe in conspiracy theories because of the stress

A group of researchers from the University of Anglia Ruskin believe in conspiracy theories most people believe because of feelings of stress. As evidence is statistics. As it turned out, anxious people more often think that there is no space program "Apollo" for landing a man on the moon was not. The results of the work done, reports NDTV.

Scientists conducted a survey of 420 people aged 20-78 years. Volunteers were offered to evaluate the plausibility of various myths and conspiracies. The researchers noticed that the more stress factors acted in the last 6 months, the more he believed in various conspiracies.

Of particular importance is the current stress, scientists say. Both men and women believe in myths equally often. For youth volunteers the conspiracy seemed more plausible than for the elderly. Social status have no influence on the sense of faith is not provided.

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