People are willing to abandon is not a long life in favor of a dignified old age

Researchers from Singapore came to an amazing conclusion. For most people is much more important to die happy, without severe pain, in a circle of family and friends. That's why many are willing to sacrifice two years of life.

Specialist-intensive care specialist of Center for practical ethics University of Oxford Dominic Wilkinson argues that for an elderly person is sometimes more important than the quality of living at the end of years than struggle for years and months in the hospital. As evidence the results of our survey.

As it turned out, an old man willing to pay twice more money for palliative medicine, when speech about recovery and extend the life almost. These researchers compared with the amount you are willing to pay people for being in the hospital a full hospital.

Decent pain relief, comfortable atmosphere and the opportunity of daily contact with the elderly person's relatives and friends give sometimes significantly more, than struggle for months with the help of expensive drugs.

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