People are too dependent on the opinion of others - scientists

Experts from the University of Sorbonne, the French Institute of research in Informatics and automatics and the University of Exeter argue that the dependence on the opinion of others, a person is forced to take the wrong position and do the actions that man himself is not interesting, writes The Times of Malta.

Researchers conducted a mathematical analysis of the mechanisms of building relationships within social groups. It turned out to get under someone else's influence is very simple. The conflict between the opinion of the individual and the collective opinion is often resolved in favor of the second.

"Herd instinct" makes the person taking the mask of the majority, because the passive movement is always easier than defending their own positions. It is important to realize all the consequences that we undertake, taking the opinion of the majority. Scientists remind, the life of a man alone, and not worth it to spend on unnecessary things.

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