People are the main source of pathogenic bacteria in the house

Research group of Argonne national laboratory U.S. Department of energy and the University of Chicago tried to understand the relationship between bacteria and the people at home.

American specialists have found a close relationship between the two factors. Were studied seven family microbiomes (bacterial spectrum apartments). The study took 45 days. Researchers collected genetic samples of all detected bacteria. Just found 4 million DNA samples and 22 thousand taxonomic units related to the genomes of bacteria.

After processing the received information, the scientists came to the conclusion that the main source of dangerous bacteria is the person himself, not his stuff. Previously it was thought that things and food is the main breeding ground for infections.

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The most dangerous household objects is the TV remote, computer mouse, keyboard, rags and sponges for washing dishes. The highest concentration of bacteria observed in the sink, cutting boards and ventilation grilles. Scientists advise more attentive to cleaning domestic areas and process frequently used items soda or citric acid. These substances are well able to cope with the bacteria.

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