Pensioner nearly strangled his wife because of a rare disorder

Alarming case registered in Australia. 70-year-old resident of the country at night behaved very strangely. He often fought, just a snorting, sometimes strangled his wife, he climbed into the wardrobe, screamed and scattered clothes. At the same time, writes the, the man was in a state of dream, where he runs or is protected from attack. In the morning people could not remember.

In order not to harm yourself and others, the man decided to fasten themselves to bed at night. His wife is asleep in the other room. Neurologists did not reveal diseases of the nervous system, which could explain what is happening.

A deep study found patients with a rare disorder quick sleep phase. It is relatively common among men older than 50 years. A third of people with this disease sooner or later put themselves or others injuries of various degrees.

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It is known that dreams come to man in the rapid phase of sleep. At this time, the muscles lose their tone, the person enters into a state of torpor. When the disorder mechanism is not triggered, so the signals in the brain, are the muscle system of the body. Until about the pathology received little information. Some scientists believe that there is a communication disorder quick sleep phase with Alzheimer's disease.

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