Peeling for face - preparing for the procedure

Dull complexion, porous grey skin with enlarged pores and fishnet facial wrinkles, traces of acne and spots - a direct indication to perform salon peels. By impact on the surface layer of skin treatments removes dead cells from toxins, pollutants, is aligned with the relief, smoothed wrinkles and become less scarring. After the treatment the skin becomes radiant, it becomes much lighter and fresher due to cleaning away dead cells and stimulating collagen and elastin.

Peels are

1. The chemical.

2. Mechanical (abrasive).

3. The enzyme.

4. Hardware (laser, ultrasound, etc).

5. Mixed (which combine several practices).

Salon conditions beautician often assigns the following types of chemical peels:

Surface - shallow wrinkles, small defects of the skin, acne, minor marks from acne, not very pronounced pores and oily skin. Unable to cope with serious age-related problems and is more suitable for younger patients with skin problems.

Mid - to cope with deeper wrinkles and scars, removes stains and local hyperpigmentation.

Deep - able to get rid of serious age-related problems, removes old stains, scars and wrinkles. Serious procedure that requires a long recovery.

Like any serious procedure, the peeling has a number of contraindications:

Inflammatory diseases of the skin and adjacent tissues, including herpes).

Pregnancy and breast-feeding.


Hypersensitivity of the skin and the tendency to form scars.

Open injuries of the skin (wounds, scars etc).

Tan - natural or from the Solarium.

Peels are carried out preferably in the cool season and to allocate these procedures are available days, vacation or compensatory time off. After exposure, the skin reddens, shrinks and peels off, requires special attention, constant moisture and protection from sunlight. If you do not use sun creams, can cause serious hyperpigmentation of the skin, eliminate which will be very difficult.

The effect of peeling depends not only on its type, which individually selects cosmetologist, but also on the proper preparation of the skin for the procedure and system of care of the person after her. A course of peels contributes to a significant improvement of the skin, getting rid of the signs of premature aging and effects of acne. The integrated use of multiple cosmetic procedures together with peeling helps to cope with serious problems and to achieve significant and lasting results.

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