Pedicure is a necessary procedure for feet

Today's pace of life leads many women to have time to do many things. And fashion demands, and to look beautiful and well-groomed. 's clothes woman shoes high heels and wear them all day without sparing their legs. And however their beauty and health is very important. Why foot care is essential for any woman and no matter how hard she tired at the end of the day. Because beauty should be in everything.

A pedicure? Mandatory! Train yourself to be pampered and beautiful nails and do not forget the pedicure, because look beautiful all need. If finances allow - direct route to the beauty salon or Spa salon. You can do without beauty, but have to buy a tool for a professional pedicure and learn to do everything yourself.

What you need for beauty leg?

To your feet remained beautiful you should first wash their thermal water with scented soap. Then you steamed legs to RUB hard brush, which will remove the old cells and dirt. Then they can be rinsed with cool water, dry and grease well a nourishing cream. There are days when your feet feel heavy or even humming, you can omit them by turns warm, and then in hot water because of the temperature contrast will relieve foot fatigue. You can also apply a bath with sea salt or, for example chamomile.

Sometimes to receive the corn and to remove them you can make a dish with soda solution and gently RUB her stiff brush. And in the future to prevent calluses need to choose the right shoes, so uncomfortable and tight shoes contribute to it. Happens to women and this trouble as sweating of the feet, but in this case it is necessary to use special creams or lotions. Well, you can do from time to time baths oak bark or with the use of chamomile.

In the fast pace of life can cause cracks in the legs, which at first do not pay attention, then a strong pain makes you wonder. To help in this situation can bath with starch, and then coat them with a fat cream. More effective to conduct such a procedure before going to sleep and need to wear on the night of cotton socks that will enhance the result. This procedure can also help from corns, only after bath corns need to carefully cut.

Sometimes it happens, the feet swell and sometimes impossible to even wear shoes. In this case, will help decoction of mint or lime color. Well, if neither the one nor the other, you can use again sea salt. But this method will help with the regular procedure, and if you still swelling persist, then this can only mean that health is bad and need to see a doctor.

And let's not frequent, but very painful is the moment when ingrown nails. This situation can occur if the clipping nails was done incorrectly or the shoes you wear are very close. This problem can only help the surgeon. Therefore, it is important to wear proper shoes and to care for the toenails. Pedicures can be done in the salon or at home. To do this, if you decided not to go to the wizard, you must first unpair the feet in hot water. Then cut the nails straight across. Then remove the dirt special wand and sand the nail. After you apply the lacquer, but it depends on your preferences. Just if you decide to paint toenails, make sure that the color of the lacquer combined with shoes or clothing, and even better was colorless.

And then your feet will be beautiful and tidy. Indeed, despite the crazy life you can find time to love yourself a little. Especially in summer, when wearing open shoes your heels and toes appear to the public, and how pleasant it is when look at you with admiration.

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