Pediatricians make a conclusion on children pacifiers affect beneficial

"In the recent past in the United States in most hospitals newborns were forbidden to give the nipples, thus, hoped to increase the percentage of children breast-fed" - said the publication

However, based on recent studies University of health and science, Oregon (USA) has shown that when the pacifier nurses did not give more than 2,200 children, has seen a dramatic reduction in rates of breastfeeding, but the number of children who took baby food, increased about 10 percent.

Greg Miller is a neonatologist from medicine Center Banner Thunderbird was not surprised of the obtained results. Greg Miller says: "If a woman does not allow to use a pacifier (or dummy) immediately after birth, because the baby will still be necessary, at least in some way to give to calm down. And this role admirably fulfills the nipple, put on the bottle with the mixture.

Breastfeeding at the same time, as stated by Miller is the best kind of nutrition newborn. Breast milk improves the function of the immune system, significantly reduces the risk of developing the disease, allergies, improves intellectual and mental level of the child, but also conducive to its growth.

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Because doctors, from the perspective of Miller should mothers to convey the correct breastfeeding and to indicate the importance of using nipples. Incidentally, nipples protect your baby from sudden death during sleep.

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