Pears help to cope with hypertension

This fruit is ideal for prevention of arterial hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Pear – a source of fiber and vitamin C. Just one pear provides one fourth of the daily needs of a person in dietary fiber, and its caloric content is not more than 100 calories per one fruit, says Zee News.

Scientists from the University of Colorado conducted an experiment in which participated 50 volunteers with disorders of metabolism. In this state the body can still compensate for pathological changes, but in most cases, metabolic disorders are transferred to the clinical form of the disease – diabetes mellitus of the second type.

Volunteers from the first group in the study ate every day on the maid of the pear, the second group received a daily serving of flavored beverage without helpful and harmful compounds.

After 12 weeks, the scientists conducted a survey of volunteers. In the first group there was a decrease in pressure compared with baseline. This effect in the second group were observed. Researchers are advised to keep in the diet not only meat, but also enough food of plant origin. They are no less important for the human body.

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