Peanuts reduces the risk of allergies in children - the scientists

Research group of the cancer center Dana-Farber in Boston examined the relationship between intake of women during pregnancy peanuts and development of allergies in infants. It turned out that intake of peanuts in this time period reduces the risk of allergies in children. The data were published edition of JAMA Pediatrics.

Scientists have reviewed a large number of cases, associated with the birth of children with allergic reaction to various factors. Only the study involved 8,2 thousand children. 308 of them suffered from food allergies, 140 people from this group had a peanut Allergy. It turned out that the mother ate during pregnancy peanuts, automatically reduces the risk of allergies in children at birth.

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Consumption of peanuts up to 5 times per week had an impact on the child positively. Scientists have noted that the presence of allergies in the mother or father is a predisposing factor to the increased reactivity of immune cells in the child. Maybe it's in microdoses. The fetus while in the womb receives microdose potential allergen, which allows to form a resistance to it even before birth.

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