Payment of maternity benefits in Russia will be made under the new rules

In Russia it is expected tightening of maternity benefits. After the occurrence of 1 January 2013 for women will no longer be the possibility of choosing the most convenient system in which they are calculated cash payments related to pregnancy and child care.

For example, currently, the Russians have the right to choose what amount will be taken into account when payments are made on maternity period preceding pregnancy year or for the previous two years. When this women was very convenient, if they are for the year before you go on maternity leave, were beneficiaries of higher wages. Now under the new rules mandatory accounting income for the two preceding maternity leave.

Accrued during these two years as the money amount is to be divided in proportion to the number of calendar days. The procedure involves the exception of the period of incapacity, holidays and additional days of care needed by the child. When calculating the monthly allowance shall be considered average earnings. If labour activity of women was held in several places, to the payment of benefits will be attracted by all employers.

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