Paul Christie agitating students to live without drugs

Thousands of people around the world die every day from overdoses of narcotic substances, among them a large proportion of teenagers who first encounter with drugs. Paul Christy was among thousands, and unlike many, he was able to come back to life and now promotes youth healthy lifestyle, according to The Sault Star.

"I was lucky. So how could I be dead, my introduction to alcohol and drug abuse began at the age of 12. It all started with marijuana, a few years later in the course went heavier drugs, and after 5-6 years went on methamphetamine. Rehabilitation center, where I spent 9 months, helped me to stop. When you Wake up in the morning I thank the Lord God for giving me another chance to improve," says 47-year-old Paul Christie, who for 12 years doesn't take drugs because of the methadone program, which has helped to abstain from taking drugs.

Paul Christy was planned in the spring to visit 12 schools and talk with students about the dangers of drug use.

"After held lectures about the dangers of drugs students I receive many e-mails from children who have already faced substance. Can sposati that such letters about 20 percent, and this is very sad. One of the students told me that he had been recruited on OXYS in grade 11, I later learned that he died of an overdose," added Christy.

Communicating with students, he gives examples and tells stories from his own life, giving to understand what lead to drug use. Already covered 500 schools, plan for Christie is 100 000 children of the middle classes.

"We have long before the temptation to tell the students what can cause drug addiction, in addition now unclear government policy which allows to produce pharmaceutical company medicine, which is widely used by injecting drug users," said Paul Christie.

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