Patients with overweight doctors dislike

Many people do not understand is why they don't want to go to the doctor. This particularly applies full of people. Typically, a visit to the doctor in this case will be accompanied by a direct indication of bad habits, traits that lead to weight gain. Doctors in their profession can't know what a big role in obesity are just human qualities and way of life, and only then abnormal metabolism and other reasons. A trip to the doctor obese people is associated with greater reduction in self-esteem and reluctance to change.

Scientists Baltimore Johns Hopkins University in a recent study found that medical staff treated people with overweight biased. Fat people do not feel towards yourself kind, sensitive relationships. And tips type: longer need to engage in a cause in patients scepticism and distrust of any appointments and consultations.

Doctors may not be responsive and positive to full people. But psychologists have proved that the affection and empathy for the patients is very important in the treatment process. Positive emotions from the doctor operate on a patient who will follow all recommendations. On the contrary, the lack of understanding between health professionals and patients significantly reduces the impact and help from medical consultation.

Scientists observed the activities of forty health professionals: General practitioners and emergency physicians and noticed a pattern. Experts, designed to help the individual in health problems, are insufficiently respectful of patients with excess weight, considering them guilty of the wrong way of life, unwilling to help themselves. At the same time, to patients of normal weight was expressed regarding much more courteous and helpful. And we are not talking about the difference in diagnosis, treatment. Not on a professional and personal level physician affects the efficiency of the treatment of overweight people. No wonder many people relate generally to doctors wary and full of people to this more bases.

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