Patients with brain cancer, ignored the disease, blaming it on the aging process

The majority of patients who have been diagnosed with "brain cancer", ignored the symptoms of this disease, thinking that they are natural in the aging process. About it it became known according to results of a study conducted by experts at king's College, London.

Patients complained of sleepiness, problems with memory and the vestibular apparatus, sputannosti speech, and fatigue. But patients were not in a hurry to go to the doctor, as he perceived these symptoms as a natural age-related changes.

One of the patients remembered that in the process of washing dishes, he suddenly began to tilt, and everything happened very slowly. He leaned lower, but he never thought about the visit to the doctor. The patient thought that it is natural and will pass by itself.

Experts specify that a significant portion of patients did not want to disturb doctors "for nothing." They were informed about the terrible diagnosis only when they were admitted to hospital with suspected dementia or stroke.

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