Patients with arthritis put an artificial ankle

In a private hospital in new Delhi are developed unique replacement surgery of the ankle in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, in which there is a restoration of joint function.

"The implant under the name Scandinavian complete replacement of the ankle now confirms the practice of replacement of the ankle. It is based on a new principle by which patients recover faster, it can be recommended even for young patients whose arthritis has developed as a result of injury, " says the chief surgeon of the Institute max Orthopedics and Prosthetics.

Patients are fully recovered within three months after the surgery, if the patient is not over forty years, he will recover for 7 weeks.

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However, this graft is 200 thousand rupees ( 4 thousand dollars) and serve patients more than 15 years, but to squat on his haunches with replaced ankles is not recommended.

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