"Patients weekend more likely to die after surgery

A study conducted by researchers from the UK, found that the risk of death of the patient after surgery increases depending on what day of the week it was posted. It turns out that if a patient came to a surgical table on Friday or during the weekend, that risk increases. A more detailed study is published in the journal BMJ.

Scientists from king's College London examined the impact of five most serious and dangerous operations, namely: surgery to remove part of the rectum, surgery on the esophagus, aneurysm of the abdominal cavity, surgery to remove the lung and coronary artery bypass grafting. Experts analyzed data from more than 4.1 million transactions conducted during the period 2008-2011, after which within one month died 27500 patients. 4.5 percent of all transactions were made during the weekend.

Scientists have called such patients patients weekend. As it turned out, the "patients ' weekend" was several diseases, and they have long waited for help. Every day of the week except Monday, was added by 1.09 percentage of risk. On Friday, the experts noted a significant increase in mortality compared with Monday. Most often, death occurred after surgery on the esophagus (35 cases out of 1000 operations), then went aortic aneurysm of the abdominal cavity (34 out of 1000), surgery on the rectum (24 out of 1000) and surgery to remove the lung (20 cases out of 1000).

Scientists said that the highest risk of complications happens in the first two days after surgery, and on the weekend of the hospital is not staffed full medical staff.

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