Patients often conceal from doctors important information for treatment

Experts from Clemson University, Institute Regenstrief, Medical school of Indiana University and the organization Eskenazi Health collected data on 105 patients and analyzed them. As it turned out, people often hide from doctors important for the diagnosis and treatment information. Data provided by Science World Report.

Patients frequently do not talk about your past sexually transmitted diseases, mental disorders. The attending physician must be a complete picture of the patient in order to prescribe the correct methods of examination and treatment. The intake of some medications along with hidden from the physician therapy can affect health not for the better.

Analysis of 105 cases of the disease confirmed the assumptions of scientists. About 40% had kept important information from medical staff. However, in the case study, the doctors had full information about the diseases of the patients, collected from medical records.

It is difficult to say what exactly leads to the hiding of information from the doctor: the shyness of the patient or the incompetence of medical workers. Patients should know that all they collected information is strictly confidential, and doctors must possess communication skills.

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