Patients misinterpret the results of their analyses

Experts have conducted research in the field of health and established patients misinterpret the results of their surveys. And it's not in the handwriting of the doctor. The electronic system does not give the patient the main - the visibility and clarity of the diagnosis.

Researchers conducted a survey of 1,800 people aged 40 to 70 years. People had to decipher their own analysis on glycosylated hemoglobin and to understand whether they have diabetes. Also tested on knowledge of medical terms.

77% of volunteers with a high level of awareness in the field of medicine has been able to establish whether their level of glycated hemoglobin was normal. In the group with low health literacy was 38%.

The results of the study, informed people are better versed in the need for medical intervention and their health. Scientists believe information about the analyses and diagnoses should be more visible and understood by the patient.

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