Patients can not afford effective treatment against cancer

Effective new drugs against cancer cost a lot of money. Sometimes it prevents people from receiving proper assistance during illness, and life insurance companies is complicated. The full course of treatment affordable not for everyone.

For 2013 drugs against cancer was spent 91 billion dollars. Treatment costs are constantly increasing. By the way, ten years ago this figure stood at $ 37 billion. Already this year, patients, hospitals and insurance companies will procure the funds of more than $ 100 billion. Note, this is the tenth part of the cost of all prescription drugs in the world.

Here is an example. The most expensive drug against cancer, used in America, is 117,5 thousand dollars per course. It is applied for the treatment of rare diseases. Only this medicine can increase the life expectancy of patients with advanced stage melanoma.

Insurance does not always cover the costs, and the treatment can afford one. Some patients drop expensive medications, moving to a cost of reduced efficiency. Scientists emphasize that the prices of drugs against cancer must be kept as it is in Europe. Then there is a chance to improve in this area.

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