Passive Smoking does not cause lung cancer - scientists

A group of American scientists from Stanford University conducted a study which found that passive Smoking does not affect the risk of developing cancer in the lungs. The data were confirmed after conducting global observations, covering more than 76 thousand women. Research has shown that cancer risk was increased only if living with a smoker lasted for more than 30 years, writes The Daily Mail.

For 10 years, until the study was conducted, lung cancer was diagnosed in 901 women. It is worth noting that the tumor was detected in 13 times more often in former smokers than women who had never smoked cigarettes and other tobacco products. Moreover, in healthy women, living with a smoker, the risk of lung cancer was increased after 30 years of marriage.

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It should be noted that this study is not the first, devoted to the problems of passive Smoking. Previously the who in 1998 conducted a study, which lasted seven years. The scientists followed a similar position. However, later there was a theory that bans on Smoking in public places are nothing more than a political move, which should settle the situation in the countries and discipline citizens.

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