Passive smokers lose memory

Passive Smoking has a negative impact on health is well known fact. Recently, however, researchers from Northumbria University have proven that people who are forced to breathe someone else's tobacco smoke, deteriorating memory.

British scientists have divided the volunteers into three groups. The first group consisted of heavy smokers. The second were those who did not smoke, but was regularly inhaling someone else's smoke. This group of people engaged in passive Smoking 4 and a half years to 25 hours weekly. It includes people who have either lived under one roof with smokers or those who spend much time with them (for example, in a special room for Smoking). In the third group were people not Smoking and avoiding contact with smokers. Researchers Tom Heffernan and Terence O'neill tested participants on the state of the chronological and event memory.

In the experiment, it was found that the built-in passive smokers is 20% worse than those of non-citizens. And the memory of people who are actively using tobacco products, was reduced compared with subjects in the third group 30%.

Smoking is dangerous to health even non-smokers exposed to tobacco smoke." To better understand the link between passive Smoking, health problems and cognitive functions, doctors plan to conduct another series of studies.

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