Passion and love is the key to a happy life without depression

The feeling of love is the best cure for depression. According to scientists from the UK. They examined the work area of the brain responsible for the feeling of passion and love. As it turned out, as many as four sites in the limbic system involved in the formation of these complex feelings.

The desire to love someone and have sex in the nervous system of a person standing in front of depressive disorders. You can compare the two factor scales. The release of dopamine (the hormone of joy and happiness) associated with the feeling of love will never allow you to dive into clinical depression. Upon contact with loved ones to dopamine with adrenaline, which increases heart rate and activates all the vital functions of the body.

The scientists, unfortunately, very difficult to use to psychologists and psychiatrists, because to fall in love on command, and even during the depression, very difficult. Should rely only on luck and chance. Note that traditional methods of treatment of depression research team from the UK not reject. There are a number of medications, coping with symptoms of mental health issues.

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