Participation in the marathon. It is dangerous?

Participation in the marathon and premaratna is becoming more and more popular among different races, but numerous reports racially motivated about cardiac arrest after a long race is questionable. New research shows that participation in these races actually associated with a relatively low risk of cardiac arrest, compared with other types of athletics. Analysis of the data for the last ten years shows that most of those people who suffered cardiac arrest during a marathon and half-marathon, participated with existing cardiac abnormalities. There are also marked gender differences. Men's marathon, for example, accounted for a greater share of tragic accidents.

"This study provides the first accurate, complete characterization of the cardiac arrest and the risk of sudden cardiac death," says Aaron Bagis, M.D., senior author of the study. "The General opinion of the population about this: on the basis of extensive coverage in the media about cases of cardiac arrest that occur during these races - was that the risk was very high, but we found that the risk of cardiac arrest in the marathon and half marathon among runners is equal to or significantly less than for other athletes, for example, for triathletes. This finding provides important information that is generally safe physical activity, however, is not for everyone."

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Of the nearly 11 million registered participants in the race documented during the study period (10 years), the research team has identified 59 stops the heart. More than 85 percent of heart occurred in men. Although the overall incidence of cardiac arrest during the study was stable, the risk among male marathon runners has increased significantly over time. 59 heart, 42 have been fatal.

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