Part of a child's aggression is already incorporated in the genes

Scientists from the University of Montreal in collaboration with the hospital of Saint-Justine established that the aggressive behavior of the child is partly due to genes. Of course, says Medical News Today, is strongly influenced by the social environment, but the genetic influence cannot be underestimated.

During the research it was found that the peak of aggressiveness occurs at the age of two to four years. Analyzed 667 pairs of genomes of monozygotic twins. Parents were asked to rate the degree of aggression of each child at different ages (20, 32, 50 months).

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Scientists have found that the peak of physical aggression accounted for early childhood. On the level of aggressiveness was influenced not only by external factors, but also structural features of the genome of the individual. Scientists assume that half of the child's aggression lies at the genetic level. Despite this, most children have a more conscious age outgrow this problem.

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