Parkinson's disease begins in the gut

Disease of the nervous system has its origin in the gastro-intestinal tract, experts say. At the moment there is no medication that would have saved the man from severe illness. However, scientists have been developing methods of treatment of Alzheimer's disease. While most attention is paid to studying the causes of the disease, says New Scientist.

In one study it was shown that in Parkinson's disease in the brain accumulate fiber protein Siculiana. Scientists suggest that this compound starts to appear on the walls of the intestine.

Drew the attention of the researchers and on the other the fact. Many patients with Parkinson's disease complain of digestive problems. This may indicate that communication between the two systems: nervous and digestive.

In a recent study, scientists injected in the intestine of mice singulairemy fiber. After some time, the fibers were in the animal brain, in areas responsible for movement. In the result, the mouse lost mobility.

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