Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease - causes and peculiarities

Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases are occurring more frequently in older people, although the average age is also exposed to them. They are associated with impaired brain function.

Alzheimer's disease is characterized by impaired memory, speech, intellect. These disorders are progressive and eventually lead to dementia. These patients gradually lose their skills, including domestic nature. As a result, they become completely incapacitated.

The disease occurs because neurohistological changes in these brain areas like the hippocampus, the amygdala, the nucleus and the adjacent sections of the cortex of the temporal lobes. Over time, changes are on zadnevisochnoy and parietal parts of the cerebral cortex. And at the end of the breach reaches the frontal departments.

The development of Alzheimer's disease occurs at the age of 45-65 years. The first symptoms are common distraction, forgetfulness. This is due to the initial stage of memory impairment. Initially, the patient begins to get lost in the present, but past experience and memories are present. With the deterioration problems with the material that is in memory. Its harder to extract, the sequence of events is disrupted. Also the perception of the surrounding reality. In the end, the patient does not understand, where is it and does not even know himself.

Parkinson's disease is characterized by lesions of the extrapyramidal system. It can start its development already in 40-50 years. In the initial stage of the patient occurs irritability, insomnia, mood variability. These symptoms can be mistaken for nervousness. However, later begin to show it is related disorders of extrapyramidal system. Appears tremor, involuntary movements, muscle rigidity, hypokinesia.

For such patients is characterized by depressive symptoms, as well as traits such as irritability and molestation. It is revealed that this disease are more prone men.

The development of Parkinson's disease contributes to poor circulation of the brain, which may be caused by age-related sclerosis of blood vessels. Other causes can be stress, traumatic brain injury, some migrated colds, and poisoning by heavy metals and other harmful chemical elements.

Patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson gradually lose their ability to lead a normal life, to take care of themselves. Therefore, the relatives have to take care of them. Remembering that man is sick and has no control over their actions, should not be offended by them and try to be patient, to the extent possible. In severe stages of the disease so people need to provide professional care.

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