Paris doctors have proven the effectiveness of fasting to extend life

French researchers have shown beneficial effects of famine on life extension. The results of the experiments reported resource "FederalPress".

According to the source, scientists have completed long-term experiments in which the experimental mouse lemurs within 10 years were given the diet, the calorie content of which was 30% reduced compared to the control group. As a result, the lifespan of primates in the diet increased by 50%.

The average life of primates in the control group was 6.4 years, in that time, as representatives of the experienced staff have lived up to an average of 9.6 years. Scientists say that a third of the test subjects were alive at the time of death the latter is not restricted in the diet of lemur at the age of 11.3 years.

Researchers have documented a lower susceptibility of age-related diseases long-term maintenance of physical activity and cognitive abilities to adhere to the diet of animals. In addition, they have slowed down the process of atrophy of the gray matter.

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