Parents perceive the obese child as the child's weight, which will be held

Often parents do not realize that the child is gaining weight, considering that this is the norm in childhood that baby fat will go in to adolescence. Every seventh parent is convinced that his child is thin, although medical opinion believes in its normal development. The study by researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln proves the importance of the right approach to nutrition for children.

Scientists conducted an analysis of 69 studies, covering in total more than 15 thousand children. 51 percent of parents did not adequately assess the condition of the subcutaneous fat of the baby. Diagnosed with obesity were perceived by respondents as a small weight. Some parents generally believed that small looseness in children is useful.

During the research it was proved that fat parents often give birth and raised obese children. And it's not only genetics, but also in the approach to proper nutrition of the child.

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