Parents 5 years concealed from the child's gender

A couple from the UK five years hid the sex of the baby from him. Beck Laxton and Kieran Cooper wanted to raise her child without gender biases and stereotypes, so the truth has been revealed only when their child Sasha went to school. And when he was interviewed, teachers wanted to know the baby is a boy or a girl?

Beck gave an interview to the British media, why she raised her son without a clue about the gender. They kiranam bought him a neutral toys, did not allow him to dress in male clothing ( although pink clothing with rhinestones not forbidden).

Some say that the family simply put on your child experiment.

Although every parent can educate your child at their discretion, psychologists believe that in the interests of the child all the hedgehog to give him such knowledge. Moreover, the impression that habits girls have been encouraged to boy. On holidays he was dressed as a fairy, although he is not very liked.

However, Sasha rose open cheerful boy, although it is not clear what will happen to his relationship with children in the real world. It is likely he will face the bullies and those who like to tease him for his "girly" habits.

The pair refused to announce the sex of the baby five years ago, at birth, friends suggested that it was a boy, but the family did not give any confirmations or refutations. A couple of friends decided that the boy was born, and it was not pleasant to parents why the boy is considered the default, and the girl, unless it is a boy?

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