Parent errors lead to obesity in children

Among the most common parents urging of my children always eat to the end and leave a clean plate. As established professionals from Brigham young University, this could result in the occurrence of overweight and struggle with him throughout life. Thus, the occurrence of overweight in children may be a consequence of the parents ' mistakes. And if those extra pounds arise in childhood, they may persist throughout life. According to the authors of the study, if the two-year child is overweight, the tendency toward obesity in adolescence and adulthood, it is also guaranteed.

During their research, researchers analyzed the data of more than 8 thousand families, which were discovered a few very important things. It was found that parental errors lead to an eating disorder child. For example, if you put the child to bed with a bottle, the risk of emergence of obesity increased by 36%. And if the baby starts to feed on solid food before four months, the risk is increased by another 40%.

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Many Mature people have a habit to eat before going to sleep. This habit also laid in early childhood. According to the researchers, many parents teach their children the need to have dinner before going to sleep, thereby creating the problem child for the rest of his remaining life. In addition, experts found that artificial feeding often causes obesity in children in the future than if he ate his mother's milk.

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