Paramedics can replace doctors

The Ministry of health and social development of Russia gave the opportunity for legitimate reasons the paramedics and midwives to take incomplete posts of doctors on a temporary basis. This order, which was signed by Tatyana Golikova, occupying the position of Minister of health, has been published in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

The separate functions of the doctors, as they say in the document, can now be borne by the paramedics, and midwives, but only on the written instructions given from the head or the head doctor of the medical establishment. In addition, in such order should be determined, all assigned to a particular medical professional responsibilities, together with the reasons for the transfer of medical authority.

Representatives of the Ministry of health decided that the specialists with secondary medical education will successfully be able to replace pediatricians and therapists that are lacking in certain areas or in medical facilities. In addition, the midwives and the EMTs were given the opportunity to perform the duties of physicians in the service.

Note that in the Ministerial order stipulates that all nurse practitioners and midwives will be able to perform the duties of the attending physicians listed in the specific characteristics of qualifications. This implies that health workers middle managers will be assigned, and also apply a variety of medications, including psychotropic and narcotic drugs.

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