Paraffin for hands - do at home

We all know that the age given two things - the condition of the skin and hands. If the neck is possible to cover the collar or scarf, hands always in sight, they first of all pay attention. Beautiful hands with soft nourished skin without wrinkles and age spots and neat manicure is the best ornament of a woman. To maintain the perfect condition of the skin can be systematically visiting the salon, one of the best procedures in which the paraffin. Bath of melted paraffin in combination with special serums, creams, baths and massages give wonderful results. But what about those women who for various reasons are unable to visit the salon? There is a solution - independent paraffin.

The impact of hot wax on the skin can be compared to the local sauna - warm paraffin forms impenetrable "the mitten", inside which increases the temperature of the skin, open pores, cleansing of toxins, resorption of scars. Application under paraffin special drugs - serums and creams - helps to rejuvenate the skin, lightens age spots and smooth out folds and wrinkles. After a course of treatments, the hands become not only more well-groomed, but also look younger and healthier.

For carrying out manipulation is contra - ulcers, wounds and cuts, diabetes and hypertension.

To perform paraffin houses:

• Cosmetic paraffin - can be bought in special shops, pharmacies or through Internet sites. Is it plain or with various additives.

• Utensils for cooking - water bath or two suitable containers (for paraffin and water).

• Cream, serum or mask for hands - depending on the problem of anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and whitening.

• Plastic gloves (come in sets with hair dye) or packets of appropriate size.

• Soft mittens or hand towels.

Prior to the paraffin thoroughly clean hands scrub, making massage to enhance blood circulation. Then the hands are applied with special tools - cream, mask or serum. While they soak, paraffin is heated on the steam bath or in a microwave oven. The temperature of the molten wax should be in the range of 50-60 degrees, then it will not burn the skin. Hand dipped in wax no less than 3 times, after each step allowing to form a film from the melt, then put on plastic gloves or bags and Terry mittens (wrapped in towels). After cooling, "compress" the wax is carefully removed. After the first session saw the result and repeat the paraffin course of 10 treatments a day will result in the order of the most rough and scaly hands.

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