Paracetamol will be harmless to the liver - the scientists

Paracetamol is one of the most common tools used for colds. Overdose with this drug is associated with a toxic load on the liver. A research group from the University of Adelaide have discovered how to avoid such effect, because liver failure is a serious pathology requiring medical attention.

Severe intoxication leads to the destruction of the hepatic lobules and their replacement by fat and connective tissue. A striking example is the state of the liver with the constant use of alcohol. Scientists note that the loading dose of paracetamol increases the level of calcium in the hepatocytes, which leads to their death. If to prevent excess calcium into the cells, it is possible to avoid the massive destruction of the liver tissue.

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Calcium intake occurs with the participation of receptors TPRM2. The receptors are activated by oxidative reactions and are located on cell membranes. Blockade TPRM2 will help to avoid destruction of the liver when taking paracetamol. Adding such a blocker to the drug fully protect its reception.

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