Paracetamol threat to the kidneys

Taking excessively several tablets of paracetamol per day over a long period of time, you can get an overdose, which can lead to serious, sometimes irreversible health problems and even cause death. This conclusion was made by researchers at the University of Edinburgh.

In the UK the main cause of acute renal failure is an overdose of paracetamol. Typically, this disorder occurs after patients begin to take over once too many pills. But now doctors are concerned about the health of those patients who are in small quantities wrong with the dose of the medication. If this process takes a long time, in humans this overdose cause cumulative effects with consequences even more tragic.

Patients who delivered in the hospital, have found a single overdose of paracetamol, have a chance for salvation, because the doctors for a blood test can see the amount of drugs found in the body, and this means one can save and liver. But the patients struggling with chronic pain, systematically exceed the recommended maximum dose of paracetamol, which is 8 tablets 500 mg per day, often simply complain about doctors in General malaise, without saying a word about the passion for medicine.

In this case, the overdose of paracetamol can cause the same devastating impact on the body, resulting in acute renal failure, blood tests may show only a small amount of drug in the body, and eventually, the doctors this problem may simply not notice. Not receiving appropriate and expeditious treatment of this serious problem can cause complications that are dangerous to human life.

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