Papilloma virus - a global threat to human health

HPV is a family of viruses that causes warts, papillomas, cervical cancer and so on. If the patient has a small papilloma, it can be a source of virus. On examination, the physician may not reveal the warts and warts. The changes are microscopic, not visible to the eye.

The infection usually appears in childhood. Through microtrauma (wounds, fractures) the virus enters the damaged tissue. This causes the appearance of warts. HPV can be a real threat not only to health but also human life. This warn doctors. How to tell the media that by 2030, the damage from the virus will reach 40 billion rubles per year. The virus may undermine health system in each country.

Experts have started talking about a new medical catastrophe that puts mankind on the brink of destruction. The deadly virus causes cervical cancer, throat, mouth and so on. By 2030 it will become the main factor that will provoke the growth of death rate from oncological diseases. Currently, there are no special programs that allow you to effectively deal with this virus. Scientists are asking the officials to implement a special program to destroy forever the deadly virus.

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