Paper money is infected And bisphenola

Worldwide paper money contaminated with potentially toxic chemical bisphenola And this is the conclusion of scientists from the Department of Health Of York. BPA is used in plastic and some consumer products, such as bottled water, consumer electronics and sports equipment. Studies have shown that BFA is endocronartium substance, and acts like the hormone estrogen, which can lead to health problems.

The researchers analyzed 156 banknotes and 21 countries and found that each contained traces of BPA in experiment took part paper money from Brazil, Australia, Czech Republic, on the notes from the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand BFA contained the minimum number.

Most likely BFA gets money from thermal paper cash register, because it contains changing under the influence of temperature the color of the substance.

Scientists also noted that the amount of harmful substances on money is much higher than found in house dust, but a person consumes from dust much more than BFA .than about money.

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