Panic disorder - causes and treatment

Panic disorder called periodic appearance of some recurring panic attacks. In turn, panic attacks are expressions of a certain discomfort in other cases of fear, which produces a specific list of symptoms:

1. Heart palpitations;

2. Excessive sweating;

3. Muscle tremors;

4. Lack of oxygen;

5. Choking;

6. Pain in the chest;

7. Vomiting;

8. Chills;

9. The loss of reality;

10. Lost control of himself;

11. Fear to die.

It is noted that people who suffer under consideration by the disease, with a constant state of anxiety waiting for the next sudden recurring attacks. They often link the attacks with some situations. These include the passages in the subway, and care at a great distance from his home. In the moment of approaching pugaysya place the patient come precursors, i.e. education described above discomfort, tension in muscles, the emergence of anxiety.

In cases where the person with the disorder begins to avoid streamig his places, he refuses to travel on public transport, then change the location of the work, preferably closer to home. This change of scenery is agoraphobia. If the patient is unloved place one of his fears, or not so frightening, either completely absent.

Consequences of agoraphobia and panic disorder are:

• Excessive focus on their own health;

• Disclaimer ride, going outside the changing work environment;

• Endogenous depression.

Panic disorder is based on violations of the exchange of neurotransmitters. Often attacks can occur due to a hangover, at the time of failure of the autonomic nervous system.

The main factors that create the appearance of attacks are:

1. Brain damage resulting from pathology during pregnancy, birth asphyxia, brain damage;

2. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages;

3. The possibility of inheritance;

4. Emotional distress, fatigue, stress.

In the treatment of panic disorder often used adrenaline biochemical catalysts that can suspend stress voltage. Beneficial effects also have some lightweight tranquilizers and tricyclics. They help to suppress the panic. It is important to note that medications can be useful only for a short time.

Often used medication "Buspirone". It helps get rid of fear. However, panic disorder this tool will not save.

Of course, the treatment applied psychological techniques. This method will be useful in a moment of self-soothe.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is considered the best method for detection, analysis and processing of possible manifestations of attacks.

All about the treatment of panic disorder:

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