Paleontologists found in the permafrost living cells mammoth

News from Yakutia. During operation in Ust-Yana region of Yakutia group of paleontologists were found living cells mammoth. According to the press-center of the North-Eastern Federal University in a unique discovery was made by a group of scientists from among the participants of the international paleontological expedition Jan-2012".

The group, headed by the Director of the Museum of mammoth NEFU Semyon Grigoriev, referred to as specialists from Russia, USA, Korea, Sweden, Canada, and England.

According to S. Grigorieva, found cells can be successfully used for cloning the prehistoric animal. Information about "living cells" will be published in major scientific journals, and in 2013, National Geographic channel will show the audience a detailed video about the discovery. Later information about "living cells" questioned. Doctor of biological Sciences Alexander Aghajanyan, head of laboratory mammals of the Paleontological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences doubt that in the tissues, even stored in a deep freeze, remained living cells.

Suspicion of scientists on false information from the Yakut paleontologists reinforces the fact that for the first time information about the discovery of living cells has not appeared in reputable publications and in the media.

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