Pale people need to be supplemented with vitamin D

A new study by researchers from the University of Leeds in the UK showed that people with very pale skin, especially those who live in areas with a mild climate (Northern Europe) does not hold in the sun long enough to produce the required amount of vitamin D. In General, the body requires at least 60 nmol per liter of vitamin D. However, the generally accepted standard of this vitamin has not yet developed.

The researchers measured levels of vitamin 1200 people and has revealed that 730 of them level was dangerously low for bone health special risk were people with light skin.

At the present time there is no clinical recommendations for vitamin D for light-skinned, but if you have difficulty tanning and quickly burn up in the sun, you may want to consult with your doctor. Recall that in three ounces of salmon contains the necessary amount of vitamin D a day, it's also found in mackerel, sardines, fish oil and vitamin-enriched dairy products.

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