Painful erection may develop in women - scientists

Priapism is a disease, most cases of which are described on the men. In the result of impaired circulation in the penis occurs painful and prolonged erection. Help only surgery. Scientists have found that pathology can occur in women, and to touch the clitoris.

In Live Science describes the clinical experience with the 29-year-old woman. The blood from the body could not depart within five days, until there was nothing the doctors prescribed the drug.

Before that she took drugs to enhance sexual attraction. The dose was exceeded, which is reflected in the condition of the labia and clitoris, which was greatly swollen and began to ache.

Medication helped to cope with rejection. Lack of it could cause blood clots and fibrosis of the genital organs.

Priapism in men is a serious pathology requiring urgent hospitalization. The disease most often found in people taking psychotropic drugs and antidepressants

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