Pain medications after a heart attack cannot accept

The majority of patients who have undergone in the recent past heart attack, after another attack regularly resort to pain medications. Such drugs are urgently needed to relieve pain and other discomfort that occurs in the heart.

Meanwhile, a group of specialists from Britain in the course of a number of recent studies have concluded that people who have had a heart attack, should completely abstain from taking drugs analgesics. The point here is that, thanks to the conducted survey, it was found that these drugs significantly slow down the recovery process that occurs in cardiac muscle, in other words, after a heart attack is delayed recovery.

A group of scientists from the University of Bristol found that under the influence of pain is the recovery or regeneration of cells of the heart muscle that has been damaged during a heart attack. This lengthy process due to the influence of stem cells. During the course of development of heart muscle myocardium secrete nerve fibers of specific molecules, which are responsible for feeling pain. These molecules in the literal sense of the word from the bone marrow pulling stem cells and concentrate them in one area of the heart during a heart attack suffered the most. Embedded in the heart tissue stem cells create a favorable environment for the formation of new and, most importantly healthy vessels.

Accordingly, inhibiting pain by analgesics, slowed recovery processes that negative image is displayed on the health of the patient.

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