Pain in the coccyx and methods of treatment

The coccyx although a rudimentary organ in the body, but can bring serious pain when it is impossible to sit or lie down, or walk. The pain of the coccyx termed coccygodynia.

Pain in the coccyx often. The pain may worsen with movement or voltage to be constant or intermittent. Causes of coccygodynia can be different. It can occur due to trauma, systematic constipation, difficult childbirth and diseases of the bowel.

Today we know more than twenty ways to treat pain in the coccyx, but only three of them the most effective and popular.

1. Conservative method involves the application of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs that block pain and physiotherapy - massage, mineral mud, therapeutic exercise, electrical, thermal and ultrasonic treatment on the damaged area.

2. Injecting a way to relieve pain in the coccyx has been used successfully since 1951. For siege use a solution of novocaine and alcohol. Normally, the injection treatment is combined with physiotherapy. If the blockade did not help completely eliminate pain in the coccyx, then the procedure is repeated two weeks later.

3. Surgical method is used in case coccygodynia not amenable to conservative treatment. During the surgery removed all the damaged coccyx, and dissected spastic muscle fibers.

Numerous studies have also proven the effectiveness of a laminectomy and radiofonii in the treatment of pain in the coccyx.

Very often people are not able to correctly localize the pain and go to the gynecologist, proctologist, and other specialists. Timely diagnosis and treatment will help to avoid complications and problems with other organs. Often coccygodynia causes sprains, omissions bodies and degeneration of the muscles. Modern methods of diagnostics (rectal examination, anoscopy, abdominal ultrasound, Irigaray) allow experts to accurately determine the cause of pain in the coccyx.

For the purpose of preventing coccygodynia we recommend that you regularly engage in physical therapy and lead an active lifestyle. If you are forced to spend a long time behind a Desk, during pauses press the trunk as close as possible to the back of the chair. So you will reduce the load on the coccyx, moreover, this exercise is useful for posture.

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