Pain during menstruation is a sign of sexual frustration

The menstrual function or dysmenorrhea in women the sexual dissatisfaction according to scientists on the basis of the conducted research.

A survey was conducted in the form of a questionnaire in women with dysmenorhea, including the algodismenorrhea (pain during menstruation) of outpatient gynecology. It turned out that half of the respondents have one or more sexual problems. One of the main problems were pain during sex and decreased libido. In third place is the lack of orgasm and arousal (intimate caresses). Also determine the relation between age and education. With age there is a decrease in desire, as well as with education. After accounting for confounding factors, the honesty of the respondents, history (history) of the menstrual cycle, mental stress women, sexual problems in husband - has increased the likelihood of menstrual dysfunction, increase pain syndrome during menstruation. At the same time increasing the frequency of sexual acts resulted in the decrease of the influence of these factors and reduce the occurrence of dysfunction. This survey showed that women with painful symptom during menstruation were dissatisfied with their sexual life.

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In order to determine the cause of sexual dysfunction in women required further medical research.

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