Pain - causes and treatment

We often say that “the joints ache, but pay attention when the pain becomes unbearable. To avoid this, you need to give your health a little more attention than we used to do.

Causes of joint pain

• Bruises and injuries. The most common reason that causes usually temporary discomfort, but sometimes may cause serious complications. A strong blow can be accompanied by swelling and inflammation, and it can become chronic.

• Heredity. Joint diseases are very often family-borne diseases on related lines. Knowing that such problems were with family members, to start the prevention and treatment of joints need long before the disease may manifest.

• Destruction of bone tissue due to lack of calcium. The leaching of the mineral that makes bones fragile and cartilage - thin. Friction increases and pain.

• Joint diseases - arthritis, arthrosis and other. The formation of bony prominences, creating friction at the slightest movement and cause acute pain. This is usually age-related problems, but due to metabolic disorders, obesity and other health problems can occur even at a young age. Need early diagnosis and long-term care, otherwise the result can be a disability, and even complete immobility.

Treatment of diseases of the joints

Pain in the joints requires a comprehensive approach. First of all you should visit a doctor, and not to put a diagnosis on their own. Very often joint disease associated with metabolic disorders, and he, in turn, with malnutrition and impaired mode. A contributing factor to diseases of the joints - weight, therefore you first need the weight loss and cleansing the body of toxins. The transition on the right healthy food often makes the condition even heavy patients. Reasonable, water sports activities to help strengthen the muscles that hold the joint in the correct position. Best Pilates and yoga - they help to stretch and strengthen muscles, but do not create a significant burden on the aching joints.

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Medical treatment includes intake of calcium, glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. They restore bone density, thickness and elasticity of cartilage and joint fluid that reduces friction. To prescribe such medications, especially anti-inflammatory drugs, can only be a doctor.

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