Pain can be contagious – scientists

A group of researchers from the University of Portland has proven hypersensitivity to pain is passed from one living thing to another. At least, this theory worked with laboratory mice. The animals turned out to be able to "infect" the pain of their fellows. Writes about this edition of New Scientist.

In the experiment, rodents were placed in different cells at a distance from each other of from one to two meters. The neighbors could only see each other and smell. One of the mice a few hours before the start of the experiment were administered alcohol or other drug. By the beginning of the experiment, the mice developed severe withdrawal pain. A separate group of animals was injected into the clutches of a chemical stimulus.

Scientists have proved that if the mouse felt pain, there were other mice, they also developed hypersensitivity. In the control group this effect was not observed.

According to the study, the mechanism described above increases the sensitivity to pain about two times. It is possible that this theory applies not only to mice but also to the human body. However, it is still necessary to confirm by experiment.

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