Packs of cigarettes will change dramatically in November

From November 15 in Russia force gain changes, regulating the appearance of cigarette packs.

As expected, the pack of cigarettes is undergoing profound changes. So, up to 50 % of the total surface will increase the area warning about the dangers of Smoking pictures. In addition, each picture will be accompanied by an explanatory inscription.

The ban will apply to the room inside packs of information ear. The distribution of cigarettes category (ultra light, light, ultra) will be cancelled. Will not be on cigarette packs of information about the amount contained in them are nicotine, tar and CO2 – instead, there will be a General warning that there is a systemic poison. The image will be banned on cigarette packages of food, meaning the taste of cigarettes.

Innovations aimed at increasing awareness of Smoking citizens, the motivation for refusal to addiction.

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