Oxygen sedation in pediatric dentistry

Of course one of the most "terrible" doctors in today's medicine is the dentist. A pediatric dentist is no exception. Pediatric dentistry in Moscow and other cities is not in place and in order to reduce feelings of the child comes to the aid of the legislative Assembly or the oxygen reaction. SACHS is an inert gas, which has a mild sedative property. The effect of this gas is harmless and has a mild effect on the nervous system of the child. Calming effect does not affect the child's ability to perceive what is happening. He continues to communicate freely and independently to breathe. How is sedation?

From the outset it is necessary to relax the child, set it positively and be interested in what is happening. Though he himself will want to wear nice smelling mask. Now it's important to interest the child to distract from unpleasant thoughts. Maybe this will help watching an exciting movie. Through the mask at this time starts to go pure oxygen. Over time, the ratio of oxygen and nitrous oxide becomes 70 to 30 percent. This ratio is the best, but in more serious cases, recommend a higher content of nitrous oxide. The child is relaxed and does not feel anxiety and panic fear of dental procedures.

SACHS is recommended in the following cases:

1. The age of the child is more than 4 years. The child is able to perceive the words of adults in this age adequately and can "negotiate" the doctor.

2. Especially during the first visit to the dentist, if you see a strong fear of the child, his apparent unwillingness to do dental procedures.

3. Perhaps fear is a strong gag reflex.

4. In cases of severe dental intervention. (If you plan to remove one or more teeth filling and so on)

There are situations in which it is not recommended to apply SACHS:

1. Too early age of the child can not explain anything.

2. The child already had experience of dental treatment, unfortunately not successful, associated with pain, sometimes with violence.

3. Psychological problems and lack of development, unfortunately, can be a barrier to the use of nitrous oxide in the treatment of

4. The child is unable to breathe freely through the nose

5. Immediately after a meal

Unfortunately SACHS is not universal sedative agent. Some young patients do not feel the effect of nitric oxide. But most children, this procedure helps to overcome fear.

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